Whitepaper: Vision

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1. Vision

Iraqi Christians are one of the oldest continuous Christian populations in the world and live primarily in Baghdad and the Nineveh Plains in Northern Iraq.

They are the last people on Earth who speak Aramaic – the dialect spoken by Jesus. They are a community often forgotten by the Western world, continuing to suffer injustices that have plagued them since the 13th century. As a group they are lost beneath the multitudes of media headlines that documented the atrocities committed by Da’esh (ISIS).

Today, they need your help.

This report is about how the discovery of this resilient group of people led to the establishment of Stand with Iraqi Christians (SWIC). SWIC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support through friendship and material aid the right of Christians in Iraq and their communities to survive and thrive. SWIC is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of Iraqi Christians and the larger community that surrounds them.

By supporting our partners in Iraq, developing trustworthy relationships, and spreading awareness of the plight of Christians, SWIC envisions a more tolerant, diverse, and peaceful country. However, we face significant challenges that can only be solved with love and support from those of us outside the conflict areas. It is time for Iraqis to return home now that Da’esh no longer controls the city of Mosul and the Nineveh Plains. Da’esh, a radical anti-Western militant group, successfully seized control of the majority of Iraq and Syria destroying communities and killing anyone who opposed their beliefs. With growing support from the Western Christian community, SWIC is determined to respond to the cries for help from Iraq and support our brothers and sisters in their transition back to their homes.

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