Whitepaper: Call to Action

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Call to Action

The immense work toward a more tolerant, peaceful, and sustainable Iraq has just begun, and SWIC needs your help to fulfil its mission.

The projects outlined above are not short-term answers to a crisis, but long-term solutions to sustainable progress in a country that has been destroyed by religious conflict. The ideology that gave rise to Da’esh still exists despite their lack of visible presence, and it cannot be defeated with more violence and weapons. By financing projects that encourage religious and ethnic unity, we are helping rebuild the social foundation of Iraq and ensuring the survival of the oldest Christian community in the world. We are inspiring self-acceptance and the acceptance of others and their points of view in addition to teaching values of peace and tolerance.

But we cannot do this alone.

We encourage faithful communities in the West to not only provide financial support to the communities in Iraq, but to help spread awareness of the plight of Iraqi Christians and Muslims.

Let them know that they are not forgotten.

To donate today, please visit swic2.revrevwine.com/donate.


The Rev. Christopher Bishop, Founder

Deb Parker, Executive Director

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