Water Wells for the Nineveh Plains

Update: watch a video on the water well project here.

One of the many needs faced by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) trying to return home is the need for clean water. SWIC has partnered with Christians in and around Qaraqosh whose lives have become more settled, to help support those whose lives are still severely disrupted and to help build non-potable water wells in the Nineveh Plains area, to provide clean water for basic needs like bathing, cleaning, machinery, and agriculture.

Each of these wells costs around $1,600-2,000; we continue to raise funds to provide more of these water wells. There is currently a waiting list for areas in need of clean water.

[Image description: two men stand outdoors, on a street or walkway, talking. The man on the left, in a brown suit jacket and blue tie, is speaking, with his hands out to his sides, palms up. The man on the right, in a blueish-purpliesh button-down shirt and sleeveless jacket, is looking at the man on the left and listening. He has is hands behind his back.]“Initially our city, Bakdeda (Qaraqosh), was attacked by Daesh, which resulted in lots of confusion in our city. That day was terrible and I can’t describe it,” a resident (pictured to the right, in the brown jacket) told us. “The good point is that after three years, we are back to our city and beyond those three terrible years. But we found out the infrastructure was damaged. Houses were burned and lots of families immigrated.

“Even with all that pain and suffering we didn’t lose hope! We are investing all the efforts to rebuild our houses and our wonderful village to bring it back to the old days. Today we are at Sumer district, where SWIC dug a water well! This is something we need because in the previous months we used to buy water other places. We thank the organization SWIC for their efforts.”

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