“The time has come for peace in Iraq” – video from UNICEF-MENA

Hopefully, Lent provides, us among other things, with a jolt.

A jolt out of habit. A jolt of need. A jolt of awareness that opens a new more vivid experience of God. Perhaps a jolt of conscience or compassion.

I just received the short video below from my good friend and SWIC collaborator Sinan, who lives in Baghdad and works with Fr. Faiz at St. George’s Church, one of our primary partners there. The video was made by a friend of his working for UNICEF Middle East and North Africa (@UNICEFmena on Facebook).

This short video sums up beautifully what our mission to Iraq and its people is all about: creating new possibilities of hope, reconciliation and peace in a land torn apart largely by the greed, violence and indifference of the Western world.

As the video expresses: “They need assistance, they deserve assistance.” In the coming weeks we will be bringing you up to date on this amazing mission and how together we can move forward with our sisters and brothers toward Easter and beyond.

(If embeded video does not play, please click here to watch video.)

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