Tag: Stand With Iraqi Christians

Banding Together

[Image description: photograph of a red marbled plastic wristband on a table. The words "IRAQI CHRISTIANS" can be seen on the outside of the wristband.]

I never gave a great deal of thought to the idiom “banding together.” However, as I sit at my desk and look at a trio of reddish swirled plastic wristbands, I become reflective. These simple bands represent a… Read More

Last Night in Erbil: A Message from Father Chris

[Image description: Ashur and Father Chris stand next to the bed of the truck, looking at the camera and posing for the photo. They have their arm around the other's shoulders.]

My dear friends, I am writing on my last night in Erbil. I am hoping you have been able to get a glimpse of the exciting and important nature of this mission to our friends and partners in… Read More

Where the Money Goes: Etuti Youth Programs: Arts & Athletics

[Image description: a group of boys dressed in white martial arts gis pose for a camera off to the right. The boy in the front is doing the center splits, the other boys are doing fight stances with their arms.]

One day our friend from Etuti Institute, Ninos Haddad (standing left), took Quint and me to see a group of boys, about ages 6-14, who were training in martial arts at the Ashti IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp…. Read More

The Road to Sulaymaniyah

Our Visit to Ashti Camp – October 13, 2016

[Image description: several smiling children stand with their arms outstretched in front of them, waving at someone off camera.]

Yesterday was a day of unrelieved fun and joy. First we spent the morning with the most adorable and loving children imaginable at the Ashti IDP camp (Internationally Displaced Persons). These pics can’t capture the delight and excitement… Read More