Greetings from Bishop Michael Lewis

Interviews with Bishop Michael

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

March 6, 2019 at Virginia Theological Seminary

“I am really impressed by the way Stand With Iraqi Christians has begun small, has begun respectful, and it has begun in a way which really takes the best information that it can from good sources of orientation. I’m very impressed with the projects that have been started. It is wonderful to hear about the chicken farm initiative. But I suppose it is even more wonderful to hear that whatever further steps SWIC takes…it is going to do so considering what is good for the local people. Taking their counsel and the counsel of other people who can give a good opinion. Fr. Chris’ approach wasn’t about coming from a far country and knowing best. Instead, he respectfully asked what’s needed. He asked how not to just help but to be in partnership. That partnership approach, combined with that listening approach, is a rare and beautiful thing.”

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