Epistles from Father Chris: 2018, A New Year

2018 will be crucial for the Christians in Iraq.

Our long-time friend and collaborator Sinan now works with Fr. Faiz at St. George’s, and both of these extraordinary people are becoming important voices in the growing ecumenical and interfaith dialogue occurring among all the faith communities in Baghdad and throughout the country.

Sinan told me on the phone just the other day, “It’s fantastic that we are all doing mission projects to deal with this crisis, but simply helping Iraqis materially is not a long term solution. The future is integrating Christians in Iraq as full and participating people in its society.”

In this new year, I wish God’s blessing upon you all and thank you for your faithful commitment to SWIC. I pray that 2018 is a year of growth in grace and spirit for all of us. We can move forward confident in the knowledge that we can, and will, make a difference for our sisters and brothers in Iraq, all with God’s help!

Peace and blessings,
Fr. Chris Bishop

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