Our Work: Supporting Christian Communities in Iraq

Beginning in 2003, but accelerating catastrophically in 2014 with the rise of Daesh (ISIS), Christian individuals and communities throughout Iraq have been persecuted, forced from their homes, raped, or killed.

As of today, over 120,000 Christians have fled Iraqi cities for the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in the north, where they are protected by the Kurdish authorities and Peshmerga fighting forces.

Many of these Christians lost everything and literally ran for their lives. They are currently living in tents, cramped apartments, abandoned buildings, and basements.

Hope is in short supply.

Your generosity will help us assist our dedicated Iraqi partners, which include churches and other non-profit organizations, provide:

  • Basic necessities where needed
  • Long-term educational, psychological, and training resources for children and young people
  • Micro-financing to Christian entrepreneurs to start badly-needed businesses
  • Assistance for those individuals and families who wish to return to their homes on the Nineveh Plains (Qaraoqosh, Mosul) as they are freed from Daesh.

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