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[Image description: Father Chris stands with five Iraqi boys in front of a building with crosses on the front. They are smiling, facing the camera, and have their arms around each other's shoulders.]The mission of Stand With Iraqi Christians is to support, through friendship and material aide, the right of Christians and their communities in Iraq to survive and thrive.

Stand With Iraqi Christians was conceived and nourished by people just like you, who heard the cries of those suffering and responded. What distinguishes us is our commitment to freely providing aid and resources without participating in the ugly politics that seeks to fight hate with more hate. Only light can drive out darkness!

There are many ways to Stand With Iraqi Christians with us. From planning public screenings of our film Where Is Our Place?, to sponsoring fundraisers, to contributing or collecting funds and ideas, every gift of heart or purse helping build up communities of faith. We started small, but thanks to you we are growing and making a real difference.

Stand With Iraqi Christians is devoted to providing financial, emotional, and communications support to displaced and exiled Christians in Iraq, now living in tents, abandoned buildings, and basements.

Our goal is to continue building on-going and personal relationships with Christian communities of all denominations in Iraq.

In this spirit, we hope to continue working with the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, the Diocese Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, as well as ecumenical Christian communities in the U.S. to widely circulate our film Where Is Our Place? to mobilize public opinion and financial resources to help rebuild a new Christian presence in Iraq.

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