There have been Christians in Iraq since the time of Jesus. They are the only Christians on earth who still speak Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. Today they are imperiled. Since 2003, their numbers have decreased from 1.5 million to under 300,000. Their homes and churches have been destroyed. We must help them.

Our mission is to support, through friendship and material aid, the right of Christians and their communities in Iraq to survive and thrive.

THANK YOU to all who contributed to the successful Food Basket effort. You have proven once again that when it really counts our friends in Iraq can turn to us and SWIC will respond with love and friendship.

Exciting Chicken Farm News

Meet Ghazwan

In one year SWIC has helped fund the rebuilding of 6 chicken farms. We are ready to resume efforts to revive and restock the chicken coops.

The next two farmers are ready to restart their operations, and SWIC will be doing its part to assist. In spite of many challenges, these dedicated farmers are moving forward!

Each grant includes funding for feed, antibiotics, and everything else these experienced chicken producers need to reconstitute their farm operations. SWIC needs just $6,000 to contribute to restart a farm so donate NOW and be part of this story of hope in Iraq.

These farms are just the beginning of the dream to help rebuild lives, farms, and communities on the Nineveh Plains!
Hanni (right) and two laborers

Watch the video of thanks from the first two farmers to all the generous SWIC donors.

We continue to collect money for more chicken farms. Just $5 will buy one chicken including fodder, inoculations and everything needed to grow to maturity. $9,000 is what is needed to restore a farm. Farmers are ready to rebuild and restock their farms so please be generous!

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