There have been Christians in Iraq since the time of Jesus. They are the only Christians on earth who still speak Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. Today they are imperiled. Since 2003, their numbers have decreased from 1.5 million to under 300,000. Their homes and churches have been destroyed. We must help them.

Our mission is to support, through friendship and material aid, the right of Christians and their communities in Iraq to survive and thrive.

Message from SWIC Founder: Rev. Chris Bishop

Although in this period of stress and uncertainty regarding COVID-19 we all have concerns close to home–SWIC’s commitment to Iraqi Christians has not changed. My hope is that we use this time to finish several important projects we have recently started and position ourselves for maximum service to our Iraqi friends when this pandemic is contained, and we are able to resume operations on the ground.

Our call now, strengthened by the spirit of Christ, is to use this time prayerfully, productively, and powerfully. While others may wring their hands in dismay, let this be for us a call to arms in the Spirit. Together let’s take this time to think about how, after the initial period of pandemic is over, we can be prepared to jump back in and walk with our friends in Iraq into whatever new world is emerging! The grim truth is that whatever we are experiencing here in the U.S., Iraqis have and will continue to suffer in ways we cannot imagine. 

Exciting Chicken Farm News

Breaking News: The Fifth and Sixth Farms are Up and Running

Meet Ghazwan

In January chicken two new chicken farmers  received funds to restart their chicken farms! Thanks to the Diocese of New York for a grant.  Now SWIC has funded six farms. Each grant includes funding for feed, antibiotics, and everything else these experienced chicken producers need to reconstitute their farm operations. SWIC needs just $6,000 to contribute to restart a farm so donate NOW and be part of this story of hope in Iraq.

These farms are just the beginning of the dream to help rebuild lives, farms, and communities on the Nineveh Plains!
Hanni (right) and two laborers

Watch the video of thanks from the first two farmers to all the generous SWIC donors.

We continue to collect money for more chicken farms. Just $5 will buy one chicken including fodder, inoculations and everything needed to grow to maturity. $9,000 is what is needed to restore a farm. Farmers are ready to rebuild and restock their farms so please be generous!

What We Do

[Image description: photo of a music class held in a hallway. There are brightly-colored metal lockers to the left, large windows to the right. The students stand at their chairs, placed in rows; they have their backs to the camera and are watching the three adults at the end of the hallway, leading the class. One of the adults has a keyboard in front of him.]Building Inclusive Educational Opportunities

SWIC has partnered with St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad to help them expand their kindergarten program into a full elementary school for students from age six (kindergarten) through twelve (sixth grade). The expanded school opened in Fall 2018 thanks to partnerships and our donors. Read more

[Image description: a man wearing a green baseball cap and a dark button-down shirt smiles at the camera on the left side of the image. Behind him are shelves with grocery store items, bottles and cans and other packages of food. On the right edge of the image, in the foreground, is a boy wearing a blue shirt, facing the man. The boy has money in his hand.]Helping Christians Go Home After Daesh

Some Christians in Erbil and other Kurdish cities want to stay, others want to return to their homes in Qaraqosh and Mosul as soon as they are safe. SWIC listens and respects the dignity of the Iraqi people. Now we are making a difference more than ever by collaborating with ICC to award chicken farmers “Small Business Redevelopment Grants”! In the past SWIC funded non-potable water wells where water was scarce. Other small business redevelopment grants helped a copy shop resume operations, seamstresses to buy new equipment, and a previously destroyed grocery store to reopen. Our mission is to help rebuild and preserve Christian communities in their ancestral and historic homeland, for the benefit of Christians and the Iraqi neighbors around them.  Read more

[Image description: a young boy stands behind a video camera on a tripod. The boy is looking at the view screen on the video camera and holding the handle on the tripod that moves the camera.]Video Stories

Images speak louder than words. Watch video stories both of recent events in Iraq, and also stories of hope. Fr. Chris Bishop is not only a priest but formerly was a professional video producer. Vincent Dixon is a board member, photographer, and filmmaker. Their videos capture the faces of Iraqi Christians as they rebuild their lives after years of devastating persecution due to Daesh. See video stories

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