New Initiatives

Circumstances are continually changing in Iraq. Our Iraqi Christian friends continue to identify their new needs, now that Daesh has been pushed back.

The work is far from over! Please continue to donate!

St. George’s School in Baghdad

Where things stand: St. George’s Anglican Church is currently in construction on the new school building, slated for completion 2018. URGENT NEED: Funds needed to complete the first floor of the new school building in order to open the school by Fall 2018. Donate now!

What we are doing: We are providing financial support to complete construction of the first floor of the school. This new building will allow St. George’s to expand from their current nursery school to a full elementary school, serving students in kindergarten through sixth grade. This school will educate students Christian and Muslim students, both boys and girls. There is so much more to do, as you can see from the pictures below! Read more here

Learn more about the Rev. Faiz Jerjes, priest of St. George’s Church in Baghdad. (link opens in new window)

[Image description: photo collage, images of St. George's School in Baghdad.]
Construction of the new school building

Nineveh Plains

Where things stand: To date in 2018, SWIC has funded four non-potable water wells near Qaraqosh.

What we are doing: We continue to raise money for more wells ($1,600-2,000 per well), as there is a great need for water for basic needs like bathing, cleaning, machinery, and agriculture. There is currently a waiting for areas needing these wells.

New Business Grants

Where things stand: As Iraqis return to Qaraqosh and other areas in Northern Iraq, they are facing destruction. Homes and businesses are seriously damaged or nonexistent.

In 2018, SWIC has funded an entrepreneur to furnish and open a grocery store in Northern Iraq. This project is being coordinated with Etuti Institute.

What we are doing: SWIC is encouraging Christian organizations in Northern Iraq to apply for SWIC small business grants. This would provide the one-time assistance to rebuild and serve a wider Christian and Muslim community.