Where the Money Goes

Stand With Iraqi Christians’ mission is founded on two essential Christian fundamentals: presence and listening.

We show up, and we listen deeply to the needs, aspirations and dreams of our friends in Christ in Iraq.

So our funding philosophy is based upon 3 essential criteria:

  1. Listening: We ask our partners and those we serve what their needs are and we respond accordingly.
  2. Sustainable: SWIC is dedicated to providing funding for long-term projects and programs that will contribute to supporting Christian individuals’ and communities’ capacity to survive, thrive, and grow into the future.
  3. Flexible: Post-Daesh Iraq will continue to be an extremely fluid and unpredictable

To date SWIC has raised over $40,000 toward assisting our friends and partners in Iraq. We are currently organizing another mission trip with a goal of $50,000, with the following objectives:

  • Continue supporting Etuti Institute’s extraordinary work with children in northern Iraq
  • Provide funding for Christian-based start-up businesses
  • Donating funds to expand St. George’s elementary school in Baghdad
  • Assisting families who wish to return to towns on the Nineveh Plains now that Daesh is defeated

Find out more about these new initiatives.

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As of November 2016, Stand With Iraqi Christians has raised and distributed a total of $32,930 for our friends and partners in Erbil. The breakdown for these contributions is:

Mission Trip #2, October 2–October 14, 2016

Mission Trip #1, September 20–October 2, 2015:

  • purchased 25 Samsung tablets for the teachers at Mar Elia*
  • purchased a special embroidery sewing machine for the budding sewing business at Mar Elia*
  • provided food bundles for 80 families in Banasour*
  • gave cash assistance for 5 families in the Armenian Orthodox church*
  • made a special Christmas donated to Mar Elia for women’s long underwear

*Each of these distributions can be seen in our 2016 documentary film, “Where Is Our Place?”