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As Daesh (ISIS) is pushed back by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, the question on everyone’s heart, mind and lips is: “What happens now?” What options will the persecuted Christians in Iraq have?

Helping to answer that question is part of the reason Stand With Iraqi Christians exists. From the beginning our mission has been to stand and walk with the beleaguered Christians of Iraq not just in the present crisis, but into their uncertain future. In some ways, we were literally created for this moment. We are an organization fundamentally about building relationships and infrastructure to provide friendship and material support as Iraq’s Christians who, hand-in-hand with their Muslim, Kurd, and Yazidi neighbors, are seeking to build a new peaceful and prosperous Iraq after years of misrule, war and devastation. We need them every bit as much as they need us, and so we move forward together in love, hope and trust.

See what I mean. Follow my blog, as well as social media posts, to both learn about past relationships that Christians in the U.S. and Iraq are nurturing, and to stay current on new developing relationships.

Fr. Chris

Blog posts: