St. George’s School (Baghdad) Construction and Furnishings Project

St. George’s Church in Baghdad runs the School of the Redeemer, a Christian nursery school and kindergarten. Students at this school come from all segments of society:

  • Muslims, both Shi’i and Sunni,
  • Christians,
  • Yezidis and other faiths, as well as
  • boys and girls.

This ministry is truly inclusive. For the past two years, parents have driven a call for expansion because parents of all faiths highly value the education their children receive. The school is properly registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and highly rated.

[Image description: the inside of a classroom. Two adult women stand at a table, working with a student and looking over other student work. Other students, their backs to the camera, sit at nearby tables doing their work. There are educational posters on one wall and a whiteboard on the other wall.]In 2017 a building permit was obtained and construction begun to expand the school to a new building that would serve children through 6th grade. Tragically, the construction was stopped recently because of funding restrictions between Middle East countries. At the same time, the Iraq government is looking for signs of progress, and if the construction does not continue the school is in danger of not opening in the fall of 2018.

In addition to construction expenses, the school will need furnishings, technology and supplies in order to be ready to educate children next fall.

To date, over $250,000 has been raised for the school. But to resume construction of the first floor, to have the building ready to accommodate children in grades 1-3 next fall, St. George’s needs a minimum of $30,000 more this spring. To complete the entire building and equip it for students, the school needs over $200,000 in additional funds.

Donations to SWIC will have an immediate positive impact. Thanks to your generous donations, we raised an initial $20,000 in just a month at the beginning of 2018.

But more is needed immediately to keep the project going. All donations to SWIC are tax deductible and donations can be made on our donations page.

Funds raised will be used for:

  • Construction materials such as walls, ceiling, flooring, windows, and doors
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Air conditioning units (due extreme temperature fluctuations in Baghdad)
  • Desks and chairs
  • Desktop computers and tablets
  • Library
  • Other furnishings and resources for community areas

For a PDF of the St. Georges School Construction Case Statement, click here.

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