[Image description: several smiling children stand with their arms outstretched in front of them, waving at someone off camera.]

Our Visit to Ashti Camp – October 13, 2016

[Image description: Several smiling children with their arms outstretched waving to someone off camera.]

Yesterday was a day of unrelieved fun and joy.

First we spent the morning with the most adorable and loving children imaginable at the Ashti IDP camp (Internationally Displaced Persons).

These pics can’t capture the delight and excitement of the children as they showed off for and were deeply fascinated with the camera. They all wanted to be both on camera and to see their friends on the other side! I just couldn’t stop smiling like a fool!

And the sight of big-hearted Quint playing patty cake with these kids (they all went crazy for him, by the way, wherever he went) just had my eyes stinging.

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