[Image description: another photograph of a tent. There is a man sitting under a tarp, outside his tent. There is a cross, made of two pieces of wood tied together, tied to one of the poles holding op the tarp.]

Where The Money Goes: Building Caravan Housing for Christians in Sulaymaniyah

Before our arrival in Erbil, Stand With Iraqi Christians had designated $11,500 of the total $19,000 collection we had brought with us to building caravan housing for 8 Christian families living in tents in Sulaymaniyah, a city about… Read More

[Image description: a group of boys dressed in white martial arts gis pose for a camera off to the right. The boy in the front is doing the center splits, the other boys are doing fight stances with their arms.]

Where the Money Goes: Etuti Youth Programs: Arts & Athletics

One day our friend from Etuti Institute, Ninos Haddad (standing left), took Quint and me to see a group of boys, about ages 6-14, who were training in martial arts at the Ashti IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp…. Read More

[Image description: A man arranges the threads on a sewing/embroidery machine. Another man is leaning over the maching, mostly off-camera, presumably setting up another part of the machine.]

January 19, 2016: Sewing machine

A picture of the new sewing/embroidery machine we helped purchase in October for the seamstresses at Mar Elia.¬†This has been a great help to them and again they send their thanks! Please note that we are still collecting… Read More

December 17, 2015: Food distribution in Banasour

As part of our aid, I distributed about a month’s worth of food to refugees temporarily staying near Banasour, a small village about 2 hours from Erbil. I was accompanied by Elias and some coworkers with Alliance Church… Read More

[Image description: elementary-aged students sit in two rows, facing he camera, displaying the electronic tablets donated to their school by SWIC, thanks to your generous donations.]

December 3, 2015

A portion of the monies we brought to Erbil in October went to supply tablets to the children and teachers at Mar Qardakh. In combination with donations from others around the world, these tablets are being used by… Read More