[Image description: Ashur and two other men are walking on the sidewalk outside the store, carrying boxes of paper, pens, a laminator machine, and other office supplies. They are all smiling.]

Where the money goes: Ashur’s Copy Shop Business

Watch the video of Ashur’s story here. One of the most satisfying things Quint and I were able to do in Erbil was to help Ashur begin his own copy shop business. Ashur was living in Baghdad with… Read More

[Image description: another photograph of a tent. There is a man sitting under a tarp, outside his tent. There is a cross, made of two pieces of wood tied together, tied to one of the poles holding op the tarp.]

Where The Money Goes: Building Caravan Housing for Christians in Sulaymaniyah

Before our arrival in Erbil, Stand With Iraqi Christians had designated $11,500 of the total $19,000 collection we had brought with us to building caravan housing for 8 Christian families living in tents in Sulaymaniyah, a city about… Read More

[Image description: a group of boys dressed in white martial arts gis pose for a camera off to the right. The boy in the front is doing the center splits, the other boys are doing fight stances with their arms.]

Where the Money Goes: Etuti Youth Programs: Arts & Athletics

One day our friend from Etuti Institute, Ninos Haddad (standing left), took Quint and me to see a group of boys, about ages 6-14, who were training in martial arts at the Ashti IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp…. Read More

[Image description: A man arranges the threads on a sewing/embroidery machine. Another man is leaning over the maching, mostly off-camera, presumably setting up another part of the machine.]

January 19, 2016: Sewing machine

A picture of the new sewing/embroidery machine we helped purchase in October for the seamstresses at Mar Elia.¬†This has been a great help to them and again they send their thanks! Please note that we are still collecting… Read More

December 17, 2015: Food distribution in Banasour

As part of our aid, I distributed about a month’s worth of food to refugees temporarily staying near Banasour, a small village about 2 hours from Erbil. I was accompanied by Elias and some coworkers with Alliance Church… Read More