Back to School: St. George’s Church in Baghdad

SWIC has partnered with St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad to help them expand their kindergarten program in Erbil into a full elementary school for students from age six (kindergarten) through twelve (sixth grade). The expanded school, which will serve about 300 children, is scheduled to open in Fall 2018.

Saint George’s vision is to run a school where Muslim and Christian children, both boys and girls, will be able to grow and learn together. The student population of the expanded school is expected to be 10% Christian and 90% Muslim, both Sunni and Shiite (which is consistent with the demographics in the current kindergarten).

Christian and Muslim families in Erbil lack access to (among many things) basic educational programs. Enormous infrastructure problems are the new realities of human existence in the country and safe, inclusive learning environments are scarce. One safe education option is St. George’s school, but many families lack the funds to enroll their children. We are proud to partner with St. George’s and be able to assist in providing a secure learning environment for these children.

SWIC and Etuti

Fr. Chris talks about the Etuti Institute and new efforts in northern Iraq. For more information on SWIC’s projects visit our New Initiatives page.

Collaboration with St. George’s, Baghdad

St. Georges, Baghdad is doing amazing things to bring Christian and Muslim children together. Fr. Chris heads there in November to see the school first-hand. You can help, too, by making a donation!

A New Day: Crisis to Development

Now that the military has removed Daesh (ISIS) from the area, Iraqis move toward rebuilding lives and rebuilding communities. How can we assist them?

On the Ground in Northern Iraq (video)

Please watch these short videos with first hand accounts of experiences in Northern Iraq and what Christians face in returning to areas destroyed by Daesh.

One woman’s story of living under Daesh:

What Christian face in returning to Qaraoqosh:

Christians helping Christians: